Nature Profiles

Australian Lizards

Australia has the highest lizard diversity on Earth. The ability of reptiles to thrive in arid climates has led to the evolution of a huge number of desert-adapted species, but there are Australian lizards adapted to every habitat, from the alpine mountains of Tasmania, to the tropical rainforest of the Cape York Peninsula.

Lizards of the Mount Lofty Ranges

Lizards from the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, with a couple of extras!

Reptiles of the Eyre Peninsula

Photos from Lincoln National Park, on the south coast, and from my time helping out on a survey of mallee reptiles at Pinkawillinie Conservation Park, near Kimba.

Lizards of the Flinders Ranges

Lizards photographed at Mt Remarkable National Park, Wilpena Pound, and in Telowie Gorge CP.

Lizards of Victoria

Victoria has a very varied lizard fauna because of its diverse range of habitats. Each habitat zone has its own distinctive species, from mallee specialists in the north-west, to alpine-adapted lizards in the north-east of the state.